Hi, my name is Jamie Forbes and I’ve made it my mission to go undercover to expose the truth about the abortion industry. This blog seeks to fight ignorance and misconception with research and scientific fact. Until I delivered my 13 week miscarried baby, I was ignorant and brainwashed by the abortion movement about what fetuses looked like and what abortion procedures entailed. My daughter showed me the humanity of the unborn, inspired in me a thirst for knowledge about women intentionally terminating their pregnancies, and awoke in me the passion to fight for these tiny and vulnerable humans. I fight for the human rights of unborn children on behalf of my never born baby. In my grief I have spent hundreds of hours researching and investigating abortion and I started this blog to share what I have found. I think women deserve nothing less than the naked truth.

To see my blog about miscarriage, go to Forbes Better or Worse.

My daughter’s burial site
9 weeks pregnant at our wedding (we got a head start on trying to conceive)