VIDEO: Watch a Planned Parenthood Doctor Tell Me a Fetus Isn’t Alive

Under North Carolina law, you must be counseled by a doctor or other certified health professional at least 72 hours before an abortion. I wanted to do an in person undercover consultation, however, Planned Parenthood conducts these consults via telephone. So I scheduled a phone call with a physician at my nearest Planned Parenthood on May 9, 2019.

During this call I asked the doctor if the fetus was alive when it gets suctioned out of the uterus. She replied that the fetus has a heartbeat and is growing, but is not alive unless I want to call it that. She said it’s up to each individual if they want to deem a fetus alive, because it can’t survive outside the womb. By scientific standards a fetus is most certainly alive, but I guess telling an abortion patient that truth is bad business.

Second, she tells me that a fetus between 9 and 10 weeks is half an inch long. A simple Google search told me that a fetus at that gestational age is twice as big as she stated — a full inch. She also says that at this gestational age the abortion is nothing more than a blood clot. See photo below, showing what an actual 10 week fetus really looks like (trigger warning).

And finally, she told me that if I decide to take the abortion pill, I can expel the contents of my uterus into the toilet. Awesome. Let’s just throw the baby out with the bath water. Sorry, I meant feces and urine water. Because after all, a tiny human is just as disposable as bodily waste.

See video here:

Here is a photo of an actual 10 week fetus removed from a mother’s womb. Source: The Federalist. As you can see, it’s much more than a blood clot.

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