Cost of D&C is 3-20 Times Higher For a Miscarriage Than Abortion

The cost of a D&C surgery (which is where doctors scrape the uterus to remove “products of conception”) is much higher for women with wanted pregnancies.

A miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy is not viable and the fetus (or embryo) passes away naturally. If a woman carries her dead fetus for too long inside her womb, hemorrhaging and an infection can occur. So if her body doesn’t deliver the child naturally, doctors will perform a D&C. Even if she does deliver the child naturally, oftentimes a D&C is still required in order to remove the placenta and other retained tissues.

A D&C for a miscarriage is performed at a hospital or doctor’s office and costs about $1,500-$10,000, plus ambulance fees and emergency room fees, if required.

A D&C for an abortion, which is a procedure that ends a (usually) viable pregnancy on a live fetus, can be obtained at Planned Parenthood for about $500. In some states women can even get this procedure for free.

So why does the exact same procedure cost so much more when the fetus has already died? Because miscarriage care is real healthcare. The baby has already died and must be removed from the mother’s body or it will cause infection and possibly death of the mother. It includes pre-op and post-op care.

A D&C at an abortion clinic is an elective procedure that ends the life of a child, and is big business for Planned Parenthood. They set the price cheap in order to meet monthly abortion quotas. Planned Parenthood also receives over $500 million a year in government funding.

One could argue that a woman suffering from a miscarriage could simply go to Planned Parenthood for her D&C. While theoretically that is probably true, women are seeing their trusted OB’s. Usually they don’t realize they are having a miscarriage until already at their OB’s office or the ER, where an ultrasound is performed confirming lack of fetal heartbeat, and then the D&C is performed/scheduled. A woman seeking prenatal care does not visit a Planned Parenthood. And if you believe Planned Parenthood’s lies that it performs prenatal care, watch my undercover video below.

Why aren’t women fighting for real healthcare? Why aren’t they fighting for affordable care for the 1 in 4 women who have miscarriages? Where are the radical feminists when women are paying exorbitant fees for prenatal care and childbirth (or don’t seek care because they can’t afford it)?

It’s unfortunate that radical feminists aren’t fighting for access to affordable healthcare for all women, instead of just women with unwanted pregnancies. I guess they’re too busy fighting for a woman’s “right” to choose abortion instead of helping those who choose to be mothers.

Calls to Multiple Planned Parenthood Clinics Proving They Do Not Offer Prenatal Care or Mammograms

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