UNDERCOVER VIDEO: You Can Schedule a FULL TERM 37 Week Abortion Because of Depression

On April 12, 2019, I called a clinic in Washington, DC to schedule a 37 WEEK ABORTION because of depression. 37 weeks is a full term pregnancy. My first call didn’t get recorded (due to a computer failure), which is unfortunate because it’s in that call the receptionist quoted me $27,895. However, I was able to call her back on video to confirm we were trying to schedule an abortion before I hit the 37 week cutoff (36 weeks and 6 days). On that call we discussed how to get my depression diagnosis to her so I could be seen.

She didn’t give me any guarantees, as ultimately it would be up to the abortion doctor, but it sounded pretty likely that all I needed in order to get scheduled was paperwork from a psychiatrist or therapist with my depression diagnosis. I obviously could not provide this information, since I am not depressed nor pregnant, so I did not get a definitive yes. So please note that I am not claiming that anyone with depression can absolutely receive an abortion up to 37 weeks at this clinic. I am simply showing you that it is very possible.

Also note that anyone can go to a doctor and say they’re depressed. If you have a couple weeks to spare before the 36 weeks 6 day cutoff, you can easily get a diagnosis and bring it to the abortionist. On my recorded call I tried to get her to see me without the paperwork, by claiming my psychiatrist would not release my records to me. I asked if the abortion doctor could diagnose me before my procedure, and she said she would get back to me. I called her back on Monday (second video below) and she told me it was possible to get the abortion without any medical records, and that I should still come in for a consultation.

How heartbreaking is this information? Instead of waiting a couple days or weeks to deliver my child (or get induced/have a C-section), the abortionist is willing to make $28K to kill the baby now, under the guise of saving me from my sadness. Now I know what a human life is worth. It certainly isn’t worth a couple days or weeks of mental anguish, anguish that will not go away simply by not being pregnant anymore. A traumatic 4 day procedure is somehow supposed to cure or alleviate my pain, and certainly won’t come with any guilt or additional depression, right?

On the unrecorded first call with the clinic, the receptionist also let me know that Downs Syndrome qualifies for an abortion up to 37 weeks too. So even though it’s not a lethal diagnosis, you can kill a full term baby with Downs if you feel like it. It’s a sick, sick world we live in, and I am reminded of this sad reality with each new undercover call.

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  1. Of course. We all knew that the “for the health of the mother” exception would include any kind of diagnosis the abortionists want to drum up.

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