My Response to the “My Body, My Choice” Argument

“My body, my choice.” A baby is not part of your body — it is inside your body. It has its own body, its own set of DNA, and its own heartbeat. 

“Well, it’s still inside my body, so it’s my choice.” What about the baby’s choice? The “my body, my choice” argument doesn’t hold true for the baby. The right of a mother to not be pregnant is not greater than the right of a child to live. 

“I am the host, and without my body the baby can’t survive.” Until about 24 weeks you are correct. However, infants and toddlers can’t live without someone feeding and sheltering them either. Should we be allowed to kill infants and toddlers if we don’t want to feed or shelter them? The more dependent a little one is on us, the more responsibility we have to protect him, not less. 

“So you’re a forced birther then.” Language like that is denying the act of abortion. I am not advocating for anyone to be forced to birth a child. You’re flipping the language so that I am the one who is doing an action, when it is you who is aborting a child. You are a pregnant mother, and I’m simply saying it is not right for you to try to undo what has already been done — the creation of another life.

“Who are you to make choices for me and my life?” The same thing could be said for the baby. I am simply a voice for the voiceless. 

“So all you care about is this clump of cells. A full grown, sentient woman is nothing to you. I’m just an incubator or a fetus factory to you.” Absolutely not. I care about you both equally. I advocate for a world in which women like you don’t feel they have to sacrifice the lives of their unborn children to feel empowered, liberated, or equal to men. I want to support women like you through your pregnancies — either by helping you navigate motherhood or by helping you give the baby up for adoption.

“I’m not giving up my baby to a broken foster care system. Plus, it would be too hard for me, always wondering who the kid is.” First of all, the baby wouldn’t go to foster care — foster care was designed for children whose parents are temporarily unable to care for them (the goal is to reunite the family back together). You would contact an adoption agency and hand pick one of the 2 million American couples waiting to legally adopt a baby. Everything would be free for you, including your medical bills. As for it being hard: yes, it would be incredibly difficult. But it would be even more difficult to live with killing your child; plus you’d still wonder who he or she would have been. 

“All you care about is ending abortion. Once the baby is born you don’t care. Are you going to be the one to pay to raise this baby? No.” Actually, many of the people and organizations working in adoption, foster care, and ending homelessness, poverty, etc. are pro-life. We absolutely care. I personally am in the process of becoming licensed to foster, as well as raising the money to pay for adoption agency fees. I’m also a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization that provides mentorship to disadvantaged youth. Pro-choice people love to incorrectly assume the care stops at birth, but it doesn’t. 

“Well, this is none of your business. If you don’t like abortion don’t get one.” It actually is my business, because this is a human rights issue. White abolitionists weren’t slaves, but they still fought against slavery. I can’t refrain from fighting against people being allowed to harm others, simply because I’m not the one being hurt. I am fighting against the cause, not against you. 

“I just don’t think it’s fair. Why are there no laws governing a man’s body?”Because men and women are different. Men can’t grow life inside them. Instead of seeing bearing children as a burden, couldn’t you see it as a gift that sets us apart from men, and celebrate what makes us women? 

“Still. It’s my body so I should get to control it.” I agree that you should be able to do whatever you want, with the caveat that it doesn’t hurt someone else. If the “my body, my choice” argument applied to everyone in all cases, then things like public masturbation would be legal. 

“What’s inside me isn’t a person, so I’m not hurting another person.” I wonder if you’d think that way if you were the one in the womb. We all started out like that. It’s lucky your mother chose life for you.

“You seriously overestimate my will to live.” No wonder you devalue human life. The entire crux of the abortion movement relies on dehumanization. Human life is sacred and inherently valuable and I am so very sad you can’t see that.

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