UNDERCOVER VIDEO: You Can Schedule a 32 Week Abortion on a Healthy Baby for No Reason

On March 15, 2019, I scheduled a 32 week abortion in New Mexico. I told the receptionist that my husband would leave me if I had the baby, and I could not afford a child on my own. Not once did she counsel me on the existence of child support, despite knowing that my husband was financially stable enough to afford the $13,500 out of pocket abortion and that he made too much money to qualify for any financial aid.

She told me they seek patients like me weekly, who “just decide they can’t raise a child.” She also stated that “for residents of New Mexico abortion is a covered benefit for Medicaid.” She explained that the doctor would administer a lethal injection through the vagina that takes 4 to 6 hours to stop the fetal heartbeat and then I would be induced to go into labor, push, and deliver a dead baby that is disposed of as medical waste.

See video below.

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